A pdf version of the CV is also available.


  • Topology
  • Algorithms
  • Probability
  • Global Analysis
  • Applied Math

Areas of Interest

  • (Computational) Topology and (Computational) Geometry
  • Cell Complexes
  • Multiscale Analysis
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Algorithms for High-Dimensional Data Analysis
  • Randomized Algorithms
  • Numerical Linear Algebra
  • Inequalities
  • (Stochastic or Topological) Dynamical Systems (on complexes and networks)


  • Mathematics Ph.D.
    Duke University
    May 2017, expected
  • Mathematics M.S.
    Duke University
    March 2013
  • Mathematics B.A.
    Princeton University
    May 2011

Department Talks

  • Duke Graduate Algebra Seminar
    Introduction to Cofibrations and Homotopy Colimits
    November 2015
  • Duke Graduate/Faculty Seminar
    Less Common Views of Matrices through Discrete Vector Fields and CW-Complexes
    November 2015
  • Duke Graduate Geometry Seminar
    Discrete Morse Theory for Cell Complexes
    February 2015
  • Duke Mathematical Biology Colloquium
    Presented background papers in the journal club
    2 per semester
  • Duke Stochastic Reading Group
    Log-Sobolev Inequalities via the Gamma_2-Calculus and the Curvature-Dimension Condition
    Spring 2015, 3-parts


  • Certificate in College Teaching
    Spring 2017, upon graduation
  • Instructor Math 111L: Lab Calculus I
    Fall 2016
  • Instructor Math 111L: Lab Calculus I
    Fall 2015
  • TA Math 112L: Lab Calculus II
    Spring 2014, 2 sections
  • TA Math 216: Linear Algebra
    Spring 2013, 2 sections
  • TA Math 41L: Introduction to Calculus II with Applications
    Fall 2011

Service and Mentoring

  • Organized a reading group in Stochastic Processes and Diffusion Operators
    Fall 2015
  • Math Bio Summer Workshop: mentored one student on a proposed project
    Summer 2015
  • Math Bio Summer Workshop: mentored one student on a proposed project
    Summer 2012
  • Ran the department tea for 1 week
    Every Fall

Conferences and Workshops

  • PCMI Summer Session: Mathematics of Data
    July 2016, Park City Mathematics Institute, Utah
  • Joint Mathematics Meetings
    January 2016, Seattle, WA
  • Duke Conference on Probability and Combinatorial Optimization
    Spring 2015
  • Southeastern Probability Conference
    Spring 2015
  • Bobfest: Flows and Patterns: the Physics of Fluids, Granular Materials, and Soft Matter
    October 2013

Seminars at Duke

  • Mathematical Biology Seminar and Corresponding Colloquium
  • Any network or collective motion related talk in the Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems
    (CNCS), Physics Colloquium, or even Analysis seminars.
  • Machine Learning Seminar
  • DNAC (Duke Network Analysis) Seminar
  • iiD (Information Initiative at Duke) Postdoc Seminar
  • Data Seminar
  • Probability Seminar
  • Graduate/Faculty Seminar
  • Duke Computer Science Colloquium